2021 Annual Reports are due by December 1, 2022

Annual Reports

Private postsecondary educational institutions are required by law to submit an Annual Report to the Bureau. The report must include specific information related to the educational programs offered by the institution, including program costs, graduation rates, and post-graduation job placement rates. The Bureau makes this information available to consumers so they may make an informed decision when selecting a private postsecondary education institution.

Popular Annual Reports Resources

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Annual Report Submission Portal

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The Annual Reports Portal requires the use of the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Annual Report Submission Tips:

  1. Post all sections of the Annual Report to your website. Institution – Section 1, Program(s) – Section 2, Branches – Section 3, if applicable and Satellite(s) – Section 4, if applicable.
  2. SPFS must include all tables and all fields for all sections.
    1. If your program does not require state licensure, provide a statement indicating such and enter n/a in said fields.
    2. If the program is new, indicate zeros and use the “new program” verbiage as listed in the SPFS.
  3. Provide one link from your homepage, clearly and conspicuously displayed, leading to all Annual Report documents.
    Note: You may use the same link for the SPFS, Catalog and Annual Report.
  4. All verbatim statements required for the SPFS must be included in the SPFS as is.